Dr. Horváth és Dr.Tornyai Fogszakorvosi Kft.




Bük is located in western Hungary near the Austrian border. The village is well known for its medicinal spa and therapy centre treating locomotor diseases and gynaecological problems successfully.

We are glad to arrange accommodation at one of the many bed & breakfast places or make a reservation in the hotel of your choice.

In between your dental treatments you have the opportunity to relax and cure yourself in the medicinal spa, play golf on the beautiful 18-hole-championship-golf-course, take a horse ride or a bicycle tour.  


Büki rendelo kinti kep  Büki rendelő belso kep 


Hotel Caramell ****

Holistic spa and wellness hotel where guests can choose from more than 60 traditional and modern facilities. 

caramell hotel

hotel caramell

hotel caramell

City of Szombathely

The towns history reaches back to more than 2000 years to the Roman times. Because of its rich history there are numerous attractions awaiting the visitors of the city.

Some of the most interesting sights:

Main square, cathedral, roman ruins, etc.

Holdfényliget - Erdei kötélpálya Szombathelyi Képtár  
Iseum Tófürdő    
Isis Galéria Történelmi Témapark  
Járdányi Paulovics István Romkert Vasi Múzeumfalu  
Kalandváros - Szombathely Vasi Múzeumfalu: 1.7 km 
Kámoni Arborétum Vízmű Történeti Múzeum  
Püspöki Palota A Savaria Szálló (volt Kováts Szálló) épülete  
Savaria Múzeum Zsirai Rimanóczy-Kastély
Szent Erzsébet Templom